Learn all about Appearance menu of WordPress admin panel

Now, we will learn about the Appearance menu of  WordPress admin panel. The appearance menu contains the following :

  1. Themes
  2. Customize
  3. Widgets
  4. Menus
  5. Theme Editor


appearance menu WordPress
WordPress Appearance Menu


Themes :

it has all the themes installed on your site. You can activate or deactivate any theme at any time. You can also upload and search themes from this area.


Themes at Appearance menu
Themes at Appearance menu



The Customize screen allows you to change website info like website name, logo, adding widgets, setting up front page etc. This actually works as a Theme Options setting in WordPress.


Customize screen at Appearance menu
Customize screen at Appearance menu



Widgets page allows you to manage all widgets from here. Look at the below image, you will see at right that, some widgets already added to Footer area.


widgets screen
Widgets Screen



The Menus page allows you to create navigation, set a location and add the navigation item. Before adding navigation, you need to create a menu by providing a name at Menu Name field and need to create on Create Menu .


WordPress navigation
WordPress Navigation


Theme Editor:

Through this page you can edit your theme and plugins. After going to that page, a warning message will come up and you need to confirm by clicking on I understand so that you can edit the theme files from there.


Theme Editor
Theme Editor area


Above discussed are the items that locates under the Appearance menu at admin panel. We will discuss more on how  to work with these settings.

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