How to use Elementor page builder in WordPress

Nowadays it is noticed that there are many page builder in the market – free and premium. Even some month ago WPBakery Page builder was very popular but recently Elementor page builder has entered the market with a boom. I have seen many websites changing their page builder to Elementor. There are several reasons why the website owner doing that.

  1. The Elementor plugin is free primarily. You can download it from repository. and if you need more extra parks then you need ti buy Pro version.
  2. Its’ user-friendly drag-n-drop system is very eye-catching. Its certainly better than Visual Composer in terms of editing and creating a page.
  3. Almost 50% users using the free version and they are happy with that, they do not need the pro version and this is the reason it is so popular amidst the all page builder in the market.


So, lets learn how to use this popular page builder in your WordPress site. I’ll take you step by step here:


Where can I find Free Version of Elementor page builder?

You can download the free version of Elementor page builder from here. Donwload the Elementor Free version from .

Download Elementor from
Download Elementor from


How to install it?

It is same as installing other plugins. So after downloading, you need to install it. If you do not know, read How to install a WordPress plugin .


How to create a page with Elementor ?

To create a page with Elementor, go to Pages. Then hover over the posts you will see an option like Edit . Then on the Edit screen you will see “Edit with Elementor“.


Edit with Elementor screen
Edit with Elementor screen


Click on that and it will take you to the page’s frontend to edit the page. Look at the below screenshot:


Elementor frontend editor
Elementor frontend editor


From this page, you can edit the page and can add any Elementor elements. Look at the right side, all elements are listed there, you just need need to drag and drop the elements onto the area you want. Lets see an example, we will now add an image to the page.


Add image with Elementor page builder


Drag the Image element from the left side and drop into the right side. Please look at the above screenshot to see how it will look on live. Now change the settings at left like Image Size, Alignment, Caption, Link etc. Likewise, you can add any element to any page.

The important fact that differentiates this page builder to other is that it has intuitive options panel and live editing. You can see what changes you are making simultaneously.


How will i update the Elementor page builder?

No worries! You will get updates automatically like any other plugins installed on your site. To update the plugin or to check if any updates are available, go to Plugins > Installed Plugins . You will see all plugins and if any update available you will get notification there under the plugin descripton.


Will it be FREE forever?

As long as the developers of Elementor page builder wish to keep it on repository, you can use it free without any license.

So, make the best use of this great free Elementor page builder and if you have any issue with it, feel free to comment below, i will answer ASAP.

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