How to set up WP Rocket plugin for WordPress site optimisation

A website has many files, images, videos that are hosted on server. When we visit a website, the browser fetches the content. If you have cookies installed on your browser or allowed then the browser saves some pages and when next time we visit that page again, it shows us previously saved pages. Thus it decreases the website loading time. Thats why we need cache plugin that will speed up our website.

There are many cache plugin available on the market free and paid. One of the best cache plugin that has exceeded the expectation of many users, that cache plugin name is WP Rocket. It really worked like a Rocket. WP Rocket is considered one of the best cache plugin.

Many cache plugin breaks your website after installing and many cache plugin just do not work with your website or usually clashes with other website script. But WP Rocket delivers the best. It works like a charm.


In Dashboard section you will be able to insert your license key and activate the license from here. You can also remove all cached files. You will see here your WP Rocket account information.



I this section you will get option to enable cache for mobile devices. Also you can specify the time limit of when the cache expires or clear cache globally. Its important to give a specific to delete old cache so that the user will see newest version of webpages.


3- File Optimization:

This is most important section. With this section you can minify CSS and JS. It will load the pages quickly. You need to check the checkbox to enable this. You can also specify which JS files you want to keep as it is. You need to put the JS files link and paste in the above box.


4- Media:

In this section, you can enable the lazyload. Lazyload will show the images only after you scroll down to that image. It will not load all the images at once while loading the pages. In this way, the page load time increases a lot. Because image is is heavier than simple codes.


5- Preload:

If you ever do job to increase the page speed with Google Insights, then you will hear this term “Preload”. Preload works in a way that the fonts will be downloaded previously and when a visitor browse a site then it loads quickly. It also helps a page to load it faster.


6- Rules:

Here you can specify which URL you do not want to be cached and which cookies you do not want to to cached. You can also specify which url you always want to update each time a visitor browse your site.


7- Database:

In this section you can keep your website clean from database. This means you can clean the database automatically by enabling some setting here.


8- CDN:

If you have bought any CDN then you can easily ad the link here. It will make your website faster. This is one of the best feature WP Rocket has, you cant find this feature in other cache plugins.


9- Tools:

From the “Tools” section you can easily import and export the settings from one website to another website very easily. You can also install the previous version of the plugin if you wish or just rollback to present version.

Thats all! Thus you will get the best of this plugin. All these settings are not mandatory, the default WP Rocket settings is enough to optimize the website.

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