How to install WordPress on your computer?

Newbie in WordPress? or learning WordPress for the first time? anyway, for whatever, if you want to install and use WordPress on your device locally, then you need to install WordPress after setting up the local server. For local server, you can use XAMPP . If you do not know how to set up local server, you can read this article .

So, assuming you have set up the local server already and now we will move to install a fresh WordPress installation on our server.

We have some steps to complete the process, those are as follows:

  1. Downloading WordPress
  2. Creating User and Database
  3. Uploading WordPress to folder
  4. Provide info of database

So , lets move on by download the WordPress!

Step – 1

Go to and download the WordPress. or just click below to download.

install wordpress on localhost
Install WordPress on your computer

Now unzip it and only get the files. Now you need to create a folder and  copy all files and then paste in the htdocs folder under C drive in your computer , the path will like like this C:\xampp\htdocs . Inside htdocs folder create your project folder and give it a name. So, if your folder name is myproject then path is : C:\xampp\htdocs\myproject . 

install wordpress in xampp

htdocs folder for wordpress indtallation

WordPress install folder xampp

Look above the images, so it will be clear to you where you need to copy/paste the WordPress files.

After that you need to create database to install the WordPress. Earlier i have said that you need to install XAMPP before you can create a database.

Now go localhost/dashboard in the browser, you will see the below screen.

phpmyadmin screen

Now click on phpmyadmin and you will see this screen:

database screen fekbd

Now You will see all database at left side and all functions at top. Here we need to work. Click on Database at top to create a database and give it a name.

create database

Now give database a name. I have given here mydbname. Look at below image.

Now click on create and the database will be created. Look at the bottom image that the database has been created.

The next step is to create database user. To create the user , click on Privileges

After clicking on Privileges, you need to click on “Add user account” . Look at the bottom left, you will get this. Click on that link and then fill in the fields. You have to input the following fields: Username , Host name, Password and Retype password . In the hostname select box, select localhost.

creating user fekbd

database creation fekbd

Now, click on “check all” checkbox at Global Privileges area at left

select all features database fekbd

If you are okay with information provided, then click on “Go” button at right. then the user will be created. You will get a success message with submitted infos.

Now you are done with the database and user creation!

Open your browser and visit the folder where we have kept the WordPress files. it will be localhost/myproject. After that you will be asked to select language, then you will see the installation screen.

WordPress installation fekbd

Now click on Submit and you will be sparky! Sorry! Genius 🙂 . In the next screen, just give your site title, admin username, password and hit on Submit to complete the installation process.

WP installation screen

Click on Install WordPress and you will be done! you can then login to you WordPress dashboard and start creating something new! Let me know in the comment box if you have any issue installing the WordPress at local server.

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