How to install a WordPress plugin

If you intend to use WordPress for your site, then you may need to install plugins to add some features and controls. You can install a plugin in many ways:

  1. From Wordress admin panel
  2. From cPanel
  3. Through FTP client

Whatever way you use, one thing is common that you need to drop the files in wp-content folder where you have installed the WordPress. Look at the below image so that you can easily understand where to keep the plugin folder.

WordPress Directory


Now open the wp-content folder and you will see the Plugins folder. Keep the plugin folder inside it

then you need to visit your WordPress admin panel to activate that plugin. You will see the options to activate the plugin if you have just uploaded. The above ways are for cPanel and FTP. If you want to install the plugin through admin dashboard then click on Plugins > Add New .


upload Plugin screen

Then you will get a search option for searching plugins from WordPress repository, find your desired plugin and install. And if you have the plugin downloaded, then click on Upload and then select the zip file of plugin.


wp upload area fekbd


After successful completion of upload, it will installed automatically and then activate it.

You can also use FTP to install the plugin, you just need to transfer the file without zip in the wp-content/plugins folder, then visit the WordPress dashboard and activate. Let me know if you have any issue installing the plugin.

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