How to create a multilingual site with Polylang

Having more than one language on your site is very important if you think of doing a business globally. In this world, there are many languages but we usually use English in our website. But if we can add more languages then it will be easy for the users who do not know English.

We can easily create our site multilingual with a plugin named Polylang. It will allow us to create as many language as we want. What we need to do is install a plugin and create a duplicate page of an existing page and insert the content. For that we need to have the content for different languages.


How to install the Polylang plugin?

It is same as any other plugin installation. You you do not know then you may learn How to install a WordPress plugin.

You can also download the polylang plugin by clicking this link and install manually.


Lets do it!

After installing the plugin you will see the Polylang navigation named Languages at admin menu.


Polylang plugin installation
Polylang plugin navigation


To add a new language you need to click on Languages and select a language then specify few things like Full Name, Locale, Language Code, Flag . Look at the screenshot below:


Create Language with Polulang
Create Language with Polylang


You need to select  a language from the select box.


Choose a language

List of languages


In the language list all languages, just select and it will fill in other fields.


Canada selected


In the above i have selected the Canadian English, so it has filled in all the other fields. Now you will see the languages added at right side. If you want the language to displayed from right to left you can select while adding a language.

Now you need to visit your post or page then select the flag and add the content in that language. Remember that you need to add your own language first like the above. Also, the language code must be unique, you can not add same language twice.

You can also add language navigation to your existing menus.

Polylang navigation
Polylang navigation


Look at the above screenshot, there is a panel named “language Switcher” , under that check the Languages and click on Add to Menu . It will add a drop-down navigation to the selected menu location.

Thats all! You can now add a different language other than the default one. If you face any problem , just comment below and i will assist.

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